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i once had like six hot chocolates on a seriously fucking hot day in cleveland one summer because my stomach was in serious pain and my great aunt said a hot drink might help
SIX???????  Did you die?  Are you blogging through a Ouija board?  I feel like that would not be as much fun as it sounds (and it doesn’t sound like much fun at all).

it wasn’t fun but i am alive

but did you lie on the floor beneath the fan in a state of abject failure like dani?

whalenotpetunias asked:

This is a bit random, but I’m doing my senior thesis on Sherlock fandom in relation to geographic location/politics, and need help from fanfic writers. All they need to do is submit their url/Ao3 and location (country, or state/country) to my askbox, and the info can be public or private. I have the details on my blog, would you be able to signal boost this so that anyone who’s written fanfic/meta or drawn art can help me out? Thanks, have a good day!


Of course I can! Let’s help out, guys. Senior thesis, ahoy!

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